Ocamora Cala Knife

$33.90 SGD

All the way from the woods of Spain, these Cala wood knives are perfect for little hands to learn cutting, chopping, flattening with, either in the kitchen or on the playtable with our taste-safe, scented playdough! See our photos for more play ideas.

Ocamora designed these wood knives for children 2 years & above to cut their own food SAFELY. This wood knife will cut anything that a normal knife can but it will not cut kids fingers due to the rounded wood edge that it has been designed with. The little groove one makes it easy for gripping & placing of their thumbs as they hold on to the knife.

The Cala knife is a fun & safe way to improve fine motor skills, and feels great in little hands. Your children will have safe, stress free fun in the kitchen or on the play table with Playdough! 

Ocamora Cala knives are dishwasher-safe and are around 10cm Long and 6cm wide. Try them today, at a young age, they can be play knives with our dough, at an older age, they can be your child’s handy knife to cut bananas, vegetables, or fruit with! How cool is that?

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