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The name Tegu is derived from Tegucigalpa,* the capital city of Honduras, where Tegu blocks are manufactured in their factory. Helping the nation of Honduras is a foundational 
priority of our company; you’ll find this in everything they do, starting with their name.

Tegu designs products.
It takes a special product to unlock the mind and inspire creative experiences through play. That’s what Tegu is about.

Tegu makes polarizing blocks.
North and South poles to be specific. Just like a magnet, Tegu's blocks have an invisible North and South pole.

Tegu believes in the power of imagination.

As toys have evolved, blocks have remained a playroom staple due to their inherent simplicity and developmental benefits for all ages and abilities. Tegu has taken a 
good thing and made it great. By creating a magnetic building system, the possibilities with Tegu blocks are limited only by the builder’s imagination.


Tegu values safety.
That’s why Tegu uses 100% non-toxic, water-based dyes, and rigorously test to CPSIA and EN standards. Gives a new meaning to “Passed with flying colors.”

 About Honduras:

Tegu is here with a mission: To help bring lasting change to the third poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Tegu believes in the power of positive change, and that it starts with these three things: 
Tegu provides living wage jobs at their factory outside Tegucigalpa, prioritizing long-term career growth and development rather than simple task-based jobs.
Tegu plants trees by the dozen. And they do it with your help. With every set sold, they donate to local reforestation efforts in Honduras.
Tegu sends kids to school. Through their partnership with a local school they are breaking the cycle of poverty, getting kids out of the trash dump and into a classroom.