Puzzle Michele Wilson

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Key Differences with Puzzle Michele Wilson over other conventional puzzles


Unique piece shape, linked with the picture 

–cutting follows colour lines and paint brushs –piece shapes depend on what is shown (clouds for sky, wavelet for water, brick-shape for buildings…) –pieces are less interlocking, for more challenge –handmade means each puzzle is unique, you play against the craft man ! –different puzzle shapes (round, fan-shaped, animal shapes, rectangle…) –painters images are kept in original format (no stretch, no squeeze) –cutting is almost invisible, so puzzles are nicer to frame when finished Þour puzzles enhance the image, they are more amusing and more difficult !

A wide variety of images, for adults and children

–250 references, with more than 50 new everyyear –From 12 to 5.000 pieces –A widevariety of arts, periods, styles and countries

The packaging is luxurious and resistant

Wood from renewed forests

100% made in France – French craftman awards