Natura House

Natura House Since 1970

A solid roots family

Natura House’s history starts at the beginning of 1970.

Mr and Mrs Spialtini took over an Italian-Swiss Beauty Company and became BIOKOSMA’S products licensee in Italy both for marketing and production. For the first time, a natural cosmetic products are introduced to a restricted professionals category, dedicated exclusively to officinal herbs: modern herbalist is now born.

In 1973 – when the biological world was not known yet  - we introduced alternative foods, with peculiar characteristics of wholesomeness & naturalness.   

In 1975 we became owners  and licensee in Italy of the Swiss Trade Mark kart; and started as pioneers on the National Market. For the first time Phythoterapic products and hydroalcoholic solutions were introduced by us, even though in those years were not yet marketable because of legislations.

After many requests, and thanks to the exerted pressure, Italy conforms to all the other European Countries Standards and finally opens its doors to the merchandise sector which will become one of the most important. At this point it has been possible to give a natural answer to all those people looking for alternative treatments.

In 1979 Biokosma Italy ‘s age ends up and Natura Holding srl was born.
Natura Holding goes on producing and developing new natural and successful products in all its 3 fields: cosmetic, healthy, and natural nourishing.

In 1988 Natura House Trade Mark was born and in 1995 became a Joint Stock Company.

During 80 and 90’s Natura House is a leader on the Herbal Market.