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MeterMorphosen is a collective based in Frankfurt comprising a publisher, an architect, a carpenter and an Italian teacher who between them have conceived the multiple ‘Histroy by the meter’. The basic priciple is simple - 2,000 years is compressed into 2,000 millimeters along the lengths of a wooden folding ruler.“
Art Review, London

 "This cleverly laid out wooden carpenter’s rule unfolds 2000 years of world history accurately in sequence. Defindes by individual events on one side, and epochs on the other it provides easy and instant access to our most important historical dates. Right at your fingertips the events that led our decline into the Dark Ages; hightlights of the Renaissance and Refeormation; the regretful circumstances that triggered two calamitous World Wars – it’s all here: 2,000 years encapsulated in 2 meters of the folding rule.“

Gingko Press

"This folding rule reads like a novel. It is the courage to be selective that is so impressive about the Historic Folding Rule.“Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The different rulers from MeterMorphosen are ingenious mixtures of practical tool, clever gift and art.“ Suedwest Rundfunk