MAKEBLOCK mBOT Add-on - Talkative Pet

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mBot Add-on Pack-Talkative Pet

The mBot add-on Pack-Talkative Pet is a 3-in-1 add-on pack for mBot. By using the audio player, micro servo and other mechanical parts in the pack, three options can be created based on mBot, including "Robot Dog," "Rover" and "Robot Penguin," that can sing and talk, making three times the fun.

The Robot Dog

With a "mouth" that can sing and talk and a naughty "tail", mBot becomes a smart pet - a robot dog that can run, bark, sing, jump, wag its tail to amuse you, and interact with you. It is so cute!



Ultrasonic sensor is used for repeated detection in 10, 12 and 2 o'clock positions. If an object is detected ahead, the rover will report it in a cute voice, and emit red light while heading to the object. When the distance to the object is less than 28cm, the rover will alert you about the obstacle and turn to you.

Robot Penguin:

By Changing the case, mBot easily turns into an adorable robot penguin that can tell stories, jokes, sings and dance, and even shake hands with you



The add-on pack cannot be used without a Makeblock mBot Li-polymer battery or a 18650 Li-polymer battery, which needs to be purchased separately.


Dimension: 21cm x 16cm x 5.5cm

Weight: 265g

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