MAGNA-TILES Solid Colors 48 Piece Set

$109.00 SGD

Magna-Tiles Solid Colors 48-Piece Deluxe Set takes imagination to the next level. In addition to basic shapes, this deluxe set includes bonus pieces like a car, door, door frame, arch, hole-punched triangles, and various imagination pieces. 

This set also serves as a great complement to your existing collection, because all Magna-Tiles pieces are compatible. 

Style: Solid Colors

Weighs 5 lbs / 2.8 kg

Measures 18.5 x 2.5 x 9 inches



Squares Small 12
Large 3
Door frame 1
Triangles Equilateral 9
Equilateral - with hole 2
Right 10
Isosceles 6
Others Wheeled chassis 1
Imagination Piece 2
Arch 1
Magnetic Hinged Door 1
  Total pcs 48

Set Size: 47cm x 6.5cm x 23cm

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs

Item Code : 2148

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