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Magna-Tiles® Clear Colours 100-Piece Set is the perfect set for home, school or any playroom as a robust, safe, and open-ended building toy.


Build garages for Hot Wheels, Siku, and Tomica cars, rockets, buildings, geometric shapes, or even castles for the princes and princesses.


When you build near a light source such as a window, you allow sunlight to shine through Magna-Tiles makes any creation glow with illuminated colours. 


This biggest set gives lots of flexibility by having many tiles to build with.  The clear tiles make it easy to place other toys inside the structures and be able to see them.




Style: Clear Colours


Set weighs 5 lbs / 2.8 kg

Set (in box) measures 12 x 3 x 9 inches


Product dimensions 30.5cm x 7.6cm x 22.9cm







Small 50

Large 4



Equilateral 20

Right 11

Isosceles 15


 Total pcs 100





  • Your young partiers will laugh and play with furry friends all night with this fun-filled set! Pajama Party Cub Condo made with Magna-Tiles® puts a colorful spin on your young creator’s play time. There’s gonna be a party in the playroom, especially with the reusable clings!


    Connect to our other condo sets to create your own Build-A-Bear® world.

    Pajama Party Cub Condo is compatible with all other Magna-Tiles® Structures and original Magna-Tiles® sets.

    All pieces features SuperColor® technology on both sides.

    This set contains 7 three-inch square tiles, 1 equilateral triangle tile and 2 sheets of reusable Build-A-Bear® clings.

    Ages 3 years and up.

Package Weight:  3.5kg Package Measurement: 31.8 x 12 x 29.2 cm

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