$17.90 SGD

This instruction guide facilitates an enjoyable experience for kids who are beginning writing development and learning proper stroke patterns. Fascinating to children of all ages, School-Rite provides a wide array of ingenious templates for basic learning skills such as letters, numbers, shapes, and many more!


This handwriting aid not only helps the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination; it also constructs the child’s perceptual skills for reading readiness with the letters’ left-to-right sequence.  Since the guide is formed on a flexible plastic, the kids also learn the precise “feel” of writing letters and numbers.


Product Features : Numbers 0 through 9 (Zaner-Bloser style numbers) 1 1/2 inch numbers on single template.
Age Appropriate : 3 - 6 years
Awards : Teacher's Choice
Country of Origin : USA
Weight (Kg) : 0.1
Dimensions (cm): 25.4 x 15.24 x1.27

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