Learning Beautiful

Learning Beautiful was started because of the growing need to prepare young children for a future filled with technology. At the same time, we know the importance of unstructured play, of exploration, and of tangible toys. Frustrated with all of the tech-heavy and screen-based learning materials out there, the team at MIT spent years researching alternatives, exploring tactile, traditional approaches such as the Montessori Method.

We wanted to bring in simple and beautiful materials that carry forward a timeless approach to developmentally appropriate learning. We recognise that exploring technology doesnโ€™t always have to be done with screens. Children from 3 years old should be able to interact and learn meaningfully with natural materials while picking up the basics of computational thinking.

Developed at MIT and sustainably sourced in the USA, Learning Beautiful materials are designed for learners ages 3-9 to playfully explore the basics of computer science. We hope that you and your children enjoy learning beautifully together.