PURO Gamer - Black

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Level Up Your Headphones, Level Up Your Game

Subpar gaming accessories lead to subpar gaming experiences. The outside world distracts you, and stifled sounds sabotage you. But with the Puro Sound Labs adult and youth headphones, there’s only you, the game, and winning. Hear every detail, and up your game with Puro Sound Labs!

Listen to Music, Podcasts, Movies, and More with PuroGamer!

It’s All About the Sound

Play with precise sounds without dialing the volume up to dangerous levels thanks to the Puro Balance Response Curve. It enhances sound quality at every volume without going above 85 dB. Paired with enhanced and efficient 50 mm graphene drivers, these headphones with microphone are the ones to beat:

● Focus only on the game since they block 75% of environmental noises.

● They support virtual surround sound, giving distance and depth to games that implement it.

● Control the volume right from the cable with the mic toggle switch.

A Mic You’ll Like

Puro Sound Labs Omnidirectional Noise-Canceling Boom Microphone clearly captures your voice and filters out surrounding sounds, perfect for building lasting partnerships or telling off noobs with distinction.

● Move the mic to the optimal position thanks to its adjustable arm.

● Remove the mic when you don’t need it and replace it when you do.

No Sweat, No Problem

Sweaty ears are things of the past. The ear cups’ vegan leather keeps you cool for hours since they’re incredibly breathable.



•“If you have a child or teenager who is into gaming, the PuroGamer volume-limited gaming headphones are a great choice. They're affordable, sound great, have a sturdy, durable design, and the removable mic is good enough for most gamers' needs. Best of all? They limit the maximum volume, preventing young gamers from being exposed to overly loud sounds that might damage their hearing—a first among the gaming headsets we've tested.”



•“Whether you game on a PC or a console, the PuroGamer nails the central need of a gaming headset: it’s a simple audio solution. This headset is comfortable for gaming sessions that stretch well past bedtime (but no one would do that) and sturdy enough to survive the trials and tribulations of a young gamer’s tantrums.”



•“The PuroGamer gaming headset occupies a unique place in the market. The longer I sit with it, the more I feel like its absolute best use is with children. Don’t misunderstand, I was able to have some great games with the Puro, but at the same time, my best impression comes from giving something like this to my son or daughter. As an adult, I don’t really need volume limiting headset. I can manage that myself. My kids are another story and that’s where a headset like this shines.”



•“The PuroGamer Volume Limited Gaming Headphones hit the mark with quality, sound and safety. These headphones aren't just delivering clear sound... they're also protecting your ears”




•“If you love gaming, but worry you might be damaging your ears with roar of engines, the rat-a-tat-tat of gunfire and a constant barrage of explosions, then you might be pleased with these cans. The PuroGamer volume-limited gaming headset is designed to deliver excellent audio, but at a limited range that never goes above 85 dB.”



•“The PuroGamer headset is a strong entry into the gaming market. Especially great for younger gamers or those with sensitive ears due to the volume limiting, for the price you can’t go wrong here. Being unable to remove the unused input is a little disappointing, and after long sessions I did experience a little discomfort, though nothing that a quick break didn’t sort out. The sound quality is excellent, the form factor appealing and being able to use it across any device thanks to the USB and 3.5mm jacks means that $70 stretches even further.”



•“It might not get as loud as some gamers would like, but the fact that these headphones cannot get louder than 85 dB, means that they're more likely to protect your ears from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. They fit comfortably for most people, provide excellent sound quality, and can be used on a wide range of devices. I especially appreciate that the microphone is detachable and that it has both a USB and a headphone jack connection.”



•“The Puro Sound Labs Purogamer delivers on its aim to provide a gaming headset that provides ear protection while not sacrificing that competitive edge. The game industry is rather focused on performance, and I can say that this does provide the proper depth of environmental placement, while giving you a sound level that’s natural enough to not wreck your long time hearing.”



•“With concern about noise-induced hearing loss in teenagers and adults in later life and the number of gamers rising year on year, the headphones have been designed specifically for gaming and so immediately got my thumbs-up.”



•“Geared toward offering an immersive gaming experience with hearing safety in mind, the PuroGamer headphones blend studio-grade audio with Puro's volume-limiting tech. This feature is designed to prevent hearing damage by capping levels at 85 dB. In addition, the headphones use the company's patent-pending Puro Balanced Response curve, 50 mm Graphene drivers, an aluminum headband construction, and protein leather ear cushions with 75% Ambient Noise Isolation.”



•“So what was the verdict? Impressive is the short answer. As a parent I was happy with the fact that these headphones from the Puro Sound Labs have a built-in software limiter that keeps the volume below 85 decibels to protect the ears from loud bangs or explosions without affecting the overall gaming experience.”



•“These thing are great, the look good and they are actually very comfortable to wear. I will often steal them and wear them during the day when I’m working and know I’m going to be on a call with someone. I love that the mic will block out all the ambient sound so that the person you are talking to can hear you clearly instead of also hearing a ton of background noise.”




•“They still get the full experience with the PuroGamer Gaming Headset but the volume is controlled to protect their hearing.  Play with precise sounds without dialing the volume up to dangerous levels thanks to the Puro Balance Response Curve. It enhances sound quality at every volume without going above 85 dB.”

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