TANGIBLE PLAY Osmo Coding Awbie Game

$74.00 SGD

The Coding Osmo game is one of our favorite coding games for kids between the ages of 5-10.  This is one of many games and toys that is coming out to help teach children the skill of sequencing so they can master the act of programming later on.


Osmo is a gaming system that utilizes a reflector panel that attaches to an Ipad to create games that use the real world to effect what is going on in the game. The Osmo system now has around 5 games that are all educational and teach various skills and concepts. This review is meant to cover only the Coding game but there are other very cool games on the Osmo System.


The Coding game is one of the newest games on the Osmo system. The Coding game has a character named Awbie who children need to direct through his world by sequencing his moves using physical panels that link together. Awbie is told how to move, jump and touch items in his world by the panels that are linked together by child. There is a lot of sequencing problem solving here as the child must see where they want Awbie to go and do and then set the sequence correctly in advance to make it happen. 

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