SIRCH Sibis Erykah - Children's Bench-Table

$99.00 SGD $319.00 SGD

From Sirch, the German manufacturer of kids' toys and furniture known for their stunning simplicity and elegance, comes another stylish creation, the Sirch SIbis Erykah - Children's Bench-Table. 

It is both a child's bench and playtable made of raw, finely polished birch plywood. The seat is covered with high-quality felt in three different coloured designs. 

Description : Children's bench-table
Seat/table height : 27 cm
Product dimensions (L x B x H) cm: 98 x 42 x 31
Suggested age : 2+
Product Weight : 7kg
Weight with packaging : 8.5kg
Exterior box dimensions (mm) :985x423x323

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