Flik Flak

Flik Flak is the only Swiss made watch for children in this price range and with so many designs.  Learning to read the time is important as children are exposed to digital clocks from an earlier age and many do not learn to read analog clocks.  Flik Flak makes learning to read the time fun.


Flik Flak was created almost 30 years ago in 1987 and it is still as current an fashionable as ever.  It was the 1st children's watch brand to introduce the concept of teaching how to tell the time.


Flik Flak is always been inspired by quality, time, fashion and children's tastes. 





Learn the read the time... 



Flik, the blue and white “big brother” minute hand, takes 1 minute to move from one number to the next around the matching minute circle. It takes him 1 hour to return to his starting point at 60. Meanwhile, Flak the red “little sister” hour hand, slowly and steadily moves forward to point in turn to each of the colour-coded hour numbers. It takes her 12 hours to return to her starting point.

in childrens words

Flik is taller and older than Flak and, of course, he can walk faster. He moves around the 60 minute dial while his little sister, Flak, moves more slowly on her short legs, stepping forward one little hour at a time! They run behind each other, every step they make indicating the time.


Flak, the little girl, is the hour hand that should be read first (ladies first); then Flik, the older brother, indicates the minutes. And that is how you read the time!

Each standard Flik Flak packaging contains a watch for children to play with and learn to read the time.


A question of age! Flik Flak has 3 dedicated product lines, each one targeted to a different age group to meet the expectations of children from 3 to 9 years old.


Flik Flak Cute-Size 

3 to 5 years

For younger kids aged between 3 and 5 years old, these watches are perfect for teaching them about the concept of time, with the Flik and Flak characters shown on the dial hands.


Flik Flak Preschool 

6 to 7 years

For children aged between 6 to 7 years old, these watches have the “classic” dial hands without the Flik and Flak characters which makes these models appear “older”, but, like every Flik Flak, the colour matching concept of the numbers is still present.


Flik Flak Full-Size

8 years and over

These watches are perfect for children between 8 to 9 years old onwards. The design is no longer “baby-ish” but more “grown-up” in order to make these kids feel like they are wearing a real “adult” watch. As usual, the colour matching concept of the numbers is still present."


Interesting facts

-  You can wash a Flik Flak watch in a washing machine by placing it in a sock to protect it from abrashion

- Use normal 40 Degree celsius wash.

- (Do make sure the watch has not been damaged and has been checked for water resistence after battery change.)

- Hence, swimming or taking a shower is definitely no a problem... watches are totally water resistant.

- Each Flik Flak contains a SWISS MADE (ETA) quartz movement which assures the precision of each watch.