FLEXO Beginners Pack

$54.90 SGD

Flexo Beginners Pack

  • 50 Flexo bricks (2x2) 
  • 50 Flexo bricks (2x4) 
  • 75 Flexo Tendons (size1) 
  • 75 Flexo Tendons (size2) 
  • 75 Flexo Tendons (size3) 
  • 75 Flexo Tendons (size4) 
  • Stainless Steel Tool 
  • Instruction sheet

What is Flexo?

  • Bounce, flex, bend, wrap or wear – the choices are seemingly endless. Flexo uses a unique rigid construction brick and flexible tendon that allows you to truly flex your imagination and create designs you never thought possible.
  • Flexo is 100% compatible with traditional and current brick brands and will be the ultimate expansion pack to your brick collection.
  • The Flexo tendons have a full range of movement from flat to 180 degrees
  • The Flexo tendons have four different lengths offering very flexible to near rigid movements

Package Dimensions in cm L x W x H: 16 x 5 x 23  Weight: 0.7kg

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