CUBORO Cugolino Start

$249.90 SGD

This basic set is the ideal introduction to the fascinating Cuboro marble runs. The 'Cuboro Cugolino Start' set includes 27 Beechwood elements that join together in a number of ways to create an intuitive and exciting track for the 6 included marbles. Solid track- and building elements allow the creation of amusing constructions and initial simple track systems. Even experienced Cuboro players are bound to find much joy in this set since it boasts many new elements. Amongst others, half cubes for the first time feature under-drilling and there is a half-level crossing. Experienced players are therefore able to assemble these into new cubes according to their needs.

This set allows for the initial construction of your Cuboro marble track system and can be easily expanded through Cuboro's extensive range.

The 'Cugolino' sets feature components that are designed to appeal to very young children - they feature smaller components and runs in which the marble is rarely hidden.

Manufactured in Switzerland, these wooden marble tracks are of excellent quality, are hard wearing and provide countless hours of enjoyment for the whole family to enjoy. The runs allow for freedom and imagination when building making them an enjoyable toy for developing children.

Dimensions: 33cm x 10cm x 14cm

Weight: 2kg

Note: Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Suitable for indoor use only

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