CUBORO Cugolino Pop

$149.90 SGD

The Cugolino Pop brings even more excitement to your Cuboro or Cugolino set! As marbles pop off a trampoline piece into a catch funnel, you can be prepared for squeals of laughter and delight. Older children love the physics behind the trampoline effect – a classic example of the conservation of energy from potential into kinetic, which showcases Hooke’s laws, and verifies and illustrates each of Newton's three laws of motion.

The supplementary set Cuboro Cugolino Pop allows for physical experiments thanks to the 3 trampoline elements. Where does the marble need to come from in order to return to the correct track? If the elements are placed in the right distance to each other, even a triple jump is possible.

This set consists of 13 natural beech wood elements and 6 marbles and will provide hours of fascination and challenge to 3-year-olds and 90-year-olds alike.

Cuboro has been said to be the antidote to the short attention spans many people complain of nowadays, and it also encourages the joy of experimentation, spatial ability, logical thinking, and motor activity. Whilst you can play with it alone, it can also be turned into a team sport. It is always creative and exciting and is truly a developmental and educational marvel.

Dimensions: 16cm x 6cm x 19cm

Weight: 0.84kg

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