CUBORO Cugolino

$349.90 SGD

The Cuboro Cugolino Marble Track is the entry into the world of Cuboro. Cuboro Cugolino fascinates the little ones early because the track elements can be connected at a level and the various elements can also be used as building blocks for houses and turrets. The marbles mainly roll on the surface, thus visibly.

Cugolino is the quintessential building block and marble run for the younger crowd, and also a terrific add-on to existing Cuboro sets. Consisting of 37 beechwood elements and 6 marbles, it is the only member of the Cuboro family with ramps, half-height blocks, and colour, and is the perfect introduction to the three-dimensional world of the Cuboro marble track system.

Cugolino teaches spatial relationships, kinetic movement, cause-and-effect, and the effects of gravity, all while your child is experiencing the thrill of marbles rolling through his own construction.

Best of all, all Cugolino elements are fully compatible with the Cuboro system, and so is all set to grow with your child.

Dimensions: 32cm x 14cm x 22cm

Weight: 2.45kg



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