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DK Publishing is the New York Times bestselling publisher known for its distinctive, highly visual books, ebooks and apps that inform, inspire and entertain readers of all ages. DK also publishes the award-winning Eyewitness series for children and Eyewitness Travel Guides. BradyGames and Rough Guides are also available from DK, a division of Penguin Group.

"Longtime publisher of visually seductive books on everything from dinosaurs to travel." -- San Diego Union-Tribune

"DK books are ... beautiful and engaging." -- Library Media Connection

"Publisher DK is known for its visually lush books. Whether it's intricately designed page interiors, pull-out maps, or even a die-cut cover that lets readers peer inside at body organs -- this crew likes to make books that are fun to look at and play with." --

"[DK] revolutionized the look of informational books for children, and ... remains the gold standard for dynamic and visually stimulating nonfiction." -- Booklist

"...each an intricate trove of 3-D aerial views, landmark floor plans, color photos and essential eating, shopping and entertainment info." -- People Magazine

"Each book is a visual as well as informational feast about a particular place." -- The New York Times

"The best travel guides ever." -- Sky Magazine

On 1st July 2013 Penguin and Random House officially united to create Penguin Random House, the world's first truly global trade book publisher.