Atelier Fischer

"Atelier Fischer GmbH

A Swiss family-owned enterprise, the company was established in 1975 and occupies a firm position in the toy sector. Superior-quality games and handicraft products are manufactured with loving attention to detail, each unique in its natural, distinctive design. Our extensive experience with different materials and special production techniques enables the achievement of first-rate workmanship and a perfect print on wood.
All our wooden toys are Swiss Made, as they are 100% products of our workshops. Games from Atelier Fischer have a timeless quality and are both educational and entertaining. They promote children’s creativity, while at the same time being just as loved by adults. Many of our products are available in the most diverse countries and regions, as they are distributed all over the world.
The company’s head office is in Schwarzenburg, 20 km south-west of Bern in Switzerland. It is a peaceful, beautiful region at the foot of the Alps, predominantly agricultural and offering a wealth of interesting and varied leisure and recreational activities.
The passion and delight we take in handicrafts and attractive products will continue to be our motivation in the future when it comes to maintaining the excellent quality of our games and, together with our affectionate regard for tradition and Swissness, ensure that we remain something very, very special indeed."