• Celebrate creativity with these simple yet effective children's picture frames
  • Showcase mini masterpieces in minutes
  • Just slot the pictures drawn, painted and glued by kids into these fun and funky art frames
  • A contemporary gallery exhibition in an instant

These classic white picture frames for kids have been designed to showcase the genius works of art created as they grow, celebrating their artistic achievements at all ages and stages.

The Articulate Gallery is really simple to use and versatile in displaying artworks beautifully, it:

  • allows for these masterpieces to be easily stored, filed and rotated on a regular basis
  • can accommodate 2D artwork or 3D collages with pasta and pipe cleaners
  • is open-fronted in nature meaning you can appreciate tactile works too
  • is lightweight and can be hung quickly either lengthways or vertically

The Articulate Gallery range includes:

  • white file and frame units in A4 and A3 single as well as A4 double and triple sizes
  • eco frames, 20 A4 single size, made from recycled materials
  • alphabet stickers to personalise each frame with your own gallery or exhibition name
  • our new Macro Gallery due to be released this month ... 

The Articulate Gallery ... where creativity is priceless.