CARAN d'ACHE Full Blender Bright Pack of 2

$9.00 SGD

A colourless oil-wax medium for blending, dry mixing, and intensifying colours, this single tool combines the properties of a blender (mixing and unifying) and a burnisher (consolidating and adding a gloss finish).

This unique medium is the ideal complement to Caran d'Ache coloured pencils, graphite, and wax pastels, and an indispensable tool for professional artists, art students, or anyone who loves drawing and wants to add a new dimension to his or her work.

Use the Full Blender Bright to add brilliance, sheen, and a gloss finish that brings it closer to painting. Ideal for mixing and blending, it unifies colours, blending them together and mixing them to increase their intensity and to soften pencil lines. It also can be used to make some areas of a drawing water-resistant, before or after adding colour. It can fix a drawing, even one created with water-soluble pencils — and it increases lightfastness.

Finally, the Full Blender Bright's hexagonal shape allows it to be highly personalized. Used as a block, its shape evolves over time, making it possible to work delicately with its edges or to cover large areas with its flat surfaces. Used as a sharpened pencil, its fine but strong point offers great precision for use in detailed work on a range of supports, including paper, cardboard, fabric, wood, pottery, and stone.

Dimensions: 7cm x 1cm x 24cm

Weight: 0.18kg

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