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Abel tent is a play tent the likes of which you've never seen before. Thanks to the specially designed tent poles and individual sheets of fabric, there is no end to the

number of ways in which this tent can be constructed.  It’s always fun to play in, and especially with, your play tent. Every time you set it up, you can create something

new. The Abel 1 / box 1 is at the basis of every Abel tent.  You can easily extend your play tent to the Abel 2 and the Abel 3 by adding box 2 and box 3.


abel 1


The Abel 1 is perfect for young explorers and children who want to get to know Abel.  This set is ideal for younger children. 5 large triangular sheets, and 1 tent pole make this set easy to use. The Abel 1 allows you to easily build your tent in a number of different ways.  Please note:   Abel 1 = box 1


box 1

Content box 1:   

·      5 triangular fabric sheets 

·      7 tent pegs

·      1 base

·      1 tentpole

·      1 ring

·      2 buddies

·      1 bag

·      1 instruction manual

·      Product dimensions: 9cm x 9cm x 136cm

·      Package dimensions: 136cm x 28cm x 8cm

·      Package dimensions: 136cm x 28cm x 8cm

·      Weight: 2.8 kg

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