CARAN D'ACHE Fixpencil Mario Botta with color leads set

$89.00 SGD

Created in 1929, the Fixpencil is an exceptional Caran d'Ache invention. Its silhouette and unrivalled technical qualities have impressed generations of architects and designers turning into a unique icon.

For the world-renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta, the Fixpencil creates a "direct relationship between the thought and the drawing". It is a source of inspiration. Shared values of Swiss excellence creativity led Caran d'Ache and the architect to this passionate encounter with the Fixpencil.

Passionate about the Fixpencil, Mario Botta considers it as a natural extension of his hand. He wants above all to "highlight its hexagonal structure" through a checked motif designed as a contrasting superimposition of bricks. This inspiration gave rise to two unrivalled creations, including a multi-purpose box and four colour leads for an undisputed emotional touch.

Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm x 1cm

Weight: 0.142kg

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