GIGI Bloks - New in Store for 2016!

GIGI Bloks is a Latvian children's toy that encourages creativity for kids of all ages. A set of building blocks that can be drawn, written and painted on, the possibilities of GIGI Bloks are endless and are ideal for children to experiment with.

The creators of GIGI Bloks took the average building block, simplified it – and supersized it. Made from eco-friendly cardboard, GIGI Bloks are big enough for kids (and kids-at-heart) to create life-sized works.

Cleverly designed, no glue or staples are required to construct the basic building blocks.

The blocks have been cleverly designed to slot and stack securely, so kids can create any 2D or 3D structure their mind can imagine.

Once constructed, endless play options await kids.  Rather than just looking at their creations, kids can now crawl through them, hide in them, and ride on them!

Blocks can also be colored, and once kids are bored with the structure, simply "de-construct" them and build a new structure!

GIGI Bloks come flat-packed and are simple to assemble and store. playhao carries a wide range of pack sizes, come down to our Forum shop or buy online today!

GIGI Bloks - All Pack Sizes

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